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Who we are

Hello and welcome to the MystiK Esports.
We are a competitive Rainbow Six Siege team recruiting players who are Gold 2 - Plat 1. Our team is in ESL and are currently participating in open ESL tournaments, scrims, as well as ranked if that's your thing. Don't worry as we have both an NA team and an EU team, which are both looking for players.

We're Recruiting!

MystiK Esports is now Recruiting!

What are you waiting for?

We are a caring team that have schedule practices weekly,
We do not tolerate toxic behavior so please leave that behind.
Once you join to our discord server make sure to contact Xantii#1400 or NastyDasty#2646 So we will help you out.
Thank you and enjoy!

How can you join?

To be able to join MystiK Esports, you must do couple of steps before.

Step 1: Join our discord server and apply in #📝applications📝 channel.

Step 2: Set your role using the #role-assignment channel.

Step 3: In this step you will get trialed by Xantii or Shreevey.

Step 4: Play great and get a spot on the team 😉

MystiK Members

Official Members of MystiK


Name/NicknameRankDiscord Name
ZafTeam CoachZaffy#4909

EU Team

Name/NicknameRankDiscord Name
Rico.MSTKEU A TeamRico.MSTK#4227
ShreeveyEU A TeamShreevey#1838
VertigoEU A TeamVertigo#1813
xIRevengeEU A TeamxIRevenge#6969
JunsterEU B TeamJunster#7115#3112

NA Team

Name/NicknameRankDiscord Name
NastyDastyNA A TeamNastyDasty#2646
AverageTerryNA A TeamAverageTerry (UPlay)#7446
GalvanNA A TeamMaxzilla#6969
KillamillaNA A TeamKillamilla.#6551
OllieNA A TeamOllie#0010
OsirisNicNA A Teamosirisnic#0693
ZaffyNA A TeamZaffy#4909